Just thinking…


Simply the sheer concept of love scares me…being so devoted to another that your thoughts and actions are characterised by their presence. How can an individual have such a hold over another persons experiences? Their thoughts when they are alone, their hopes and dreams, even something as simple as their attitude towards the day…determined by another.

Although I believe that I have never experienced love itself, the slight glimpses that I have achieved have been enough for me to become terrified of the concept. The lack of control you begin to have over your thoughts. Paired with your feelings of intense confusion when you see their face, not knowing how to explain the complex emotions that their presence ignites.

These all show the terrifying feature of falling in love. Adequately named as such as you are in a free fall with an unknown destination. No telling where or when you will land and if there will be someone there to catch you when it happens. The alternative, of falling without someone there to catch you amplifies the emotional distress that a person goes through when their feelings are not replicated.

I can’t even begin to comprehend how this must feel. The media try to explain it through songs and movies, everyone trying to make sense of the experience, and everyone interpreting it in their own way. Although this just enhances the level of confusion. Not knowing whose explanation is the real deal, and those that show what you wish to see.

I guess until you experience it yourself you cannot offer an opinion – making it even harder to comprehend. Some people search their entire lives for their “one true love” whilst others dismiss the concept and focus on individual happiness as a means to salvation.

Although, those who chose the latter option cannot pretend that they didn’t wish for love. They can’t tell their teenage selves that it is never going to happen. Teenagers live their lives so filled with controversy and new experiences. Heightened by emotions and the sense of a newly found autonomy, the idea of love fascinates them. Again, heightened by the media, this feeling for a sense of higher happiness where you can share life’s moments with another, creates an area in our minds where uncertainty and chaos thrive.

Fuelled by our child-like imaginations that have yet to desert us, this is a place for our wildest dreams to become reality in scenarios we build ourselves. And amongst that place of inexplicable joy, i’m scared.

Scared for what is to come and how i am going to deal with this aspect of my life. School offers no classes on how to understand love, no one is more prepared than another for this. Perhaps its all a hoax, does it even exist or is it that we are always looking for this concept… That we cannot grasp?

But you cannot deny the feelings that present themselves. Nor can you hide from them. I guess you just have to be prepared for the free fall, enjoy the journey and hope to God that there is someone there to catch you.



Why we can’t live our lives to the fullest…

They say to live every moment like it could be your last, but when something takes up so much of your time, hearing the said phrase “live life to the fullest” can seem pointless… here are some things that take way longer then they should and waste our precious time! Comment bellow any extras 🙂 K + A

Brushing teeth… given its a necessary task, surely they should have invented by now a solution to the whole 2 minutes issue…that’s 4 minutes a day which equates to 24.3 hours a year, that’s practically a whole day stood in your pyjamas awkwardly waiting for the lonest 2 minutes of your life to pass.

The microwave…when the packet says “ready in 2 minutes” you think that’s no time at all! But when you are constantly watching your food rotate, it seems like a lifetime…while we are on the issue, surely there should be an option to turn off the beep sound, as I’m pretty sure you have at least once, been awake making a cheeky midnight snack and dreading the beep that will inevitably wake your parents…

Queuing…no matter how much you want the item or activity you are queuing for, the wait is one of the worst things…seeing others who have beaten you to the front makes said item seem suddenly less attractive, the temptation to return the item or give up all together drastically increases.

Weather watching… The phase “life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning to dance in the rain” doesn’t really apply when you have your best makeup and outfit on, and you’ve decided to make the effort to straighten your hair and your feeling a million dollars. Suddenly your street turns into a river from a tropical rainforest and the inevitably frizzy hair, drenched clothes and panda eyes make an appearance. The only suitable option is to wait. After you make this choice, you suddenly find yourself popcorn in hand, binge watching Netflix.

Summer Bucket List

Summer has finally arrived! For us British teens that means its time to put those brollies back in the cupboard and to find that dusty factor 50+ suncream! But what to do with these precious few summer months away from all the homework, deadlines and exam stress? Your summer guide has arrived!

We have compiled a list of our favourite summer activities that are essential for those #summerselfies and bragging rights…

1. Beach trip! No summer is complete without a group gathering down the beach…

2. Movie Night Get your friends together and grab tonnes of snacks and blankets for the best night in.

3. Colour run Look online for your nearest colour run and get all your mates involved for a great way to keep fit and have fun whilst taking loads of selfies and photos to Instagram later 😉

4. Concert/Festival No summer is complete without good care-free music, whether its your favourite band or a local festival.

5. Make something Either bake a cake or our personal favourite..tie-dye some shirts for a retro summer vibe

6. Bike ride Grab a bike/skateboard/scooter or even walk…to find your summer hide-out

7. Go for an adventure Doesn’t matter where…take some friends, hit the road and ADVENTURE!!

8. Water fight Revive your childhood!

9. Watch a sunset Simple..but definately worth it..

10. Take loads of photos Make sure to take many photos to either post on social media or print off and keep forever as memories of your perfect summer.