Why we can’t live our lives to the fullest…

They say to live every moment like it could be your last, but when something takes up so much of your time, hearing the said phrase “live life to the fullest” can seem pointless… here are some things that take way longer then they should and waste our precious time! Comment bellow any extras 🙂 K + A

Brushing teeth… given its a necessary task, surely they should have invented by now a solution to the whole 2 minutes issue…that’s 4 minutes a day which equates to 24.3 hours a year, that’s practically a whole day stood in your pyjamas awkwardly waiting for the lonest 2 minutes of your life to pass.

The microwave…when the packet says “ready in 2 minutes” you think that’s no time at all! But when you are constantly watching your food rotate, it seems like a lifetime…while we are on the issue, surely there should be an option to turn off the beep sound, as I’m pretty sure you have at least once, been awake making a cheeky midnight snack and dreading the beep that will inevitably wake your parents…

Queuing…no matter how much you want the item or activity you are queuing for, the wait is one of the worst things…seeing others who have beaten you to the front makes said item seem suddenly less attractive, the temptation to return the item or give up all together drastically increases.

Weather watching… The phase “life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning to dance in the rain” doesn’t really apply when you have your best makeup and outfit on, and you’ve decided to make the effort to straighten your hair and your feeling a million dollars. Suddenly your street turns into a river from a tropical rainforest and the inevitably frizzy hair, drenched clothes and panda eyes make an appearance. The only suitable option is to wait. After you make this choice, you suddenly find yourself popcorn in hand, binge watching Netflix.


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