Wonderlust : NYC

After recently arriving back home from NYC, I already know I will be returning, multiple times. Our two week holiday consisted of me and my mum travelling and exploring Washington, Niagara Falls and NYC. After seeing so many films and tv series set in the big apple, the excitement was already building up before we had even arrived!


461These were our first glimpses of the city and Times Square.

holiday 2015 130

holiday 2015 138

After shopping around in the hustle and bustle of times square and 5th Avenue, the peace and quiet of Central Park was happily welcomed! We cycled around the park which took an hour, then after lunch we did a spot of boating in the lake.

holiday 2015 148 - Copy

holiday 2015 141

Spotted on the steps of the Met…. #GossipGirlMoment! After walking around the park and seeing the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I had the sudden urge to try a giant pretzel…but don’t let this picture fool you…this turned out to be a big mistake as I hated it! I would recommend the sweet ones instead of this savoury one.

holiday 2015 156

holiday 2015 159

A quick hop on the subway downtown took us to the 9/11 memorial and the new One World Trade Center. A very moving place which you have to witness.



After exploring the famous Wall Street, we headed to the harbour on the east side of the island. As we had purchased Big Red Bus tickets (a bus we used to help us see the sites and travel around Manhattan), we had free boat tickets included, to go close to Brooklyn and the iconic Statue of Liberty. Although feeling slightly seasick at the start, the trip was incredible and gave us stunning views of the island.




On one of the last few days we explored the area of Chelsea. We decided to check out the High Line in the morning which was a really lovely start to the day. The High Line is 1.45 miles long and it’s an elevated park on the unused old railway/tracks. This was a great idea especially in the morning before the crowds came! It allowed us to explore different places and angles of New York. Straight after by accident, on our way uptown, we found Chelsea Market. With a beautiful atmosphere, numerous food shops (food heaven!) and a vintage décor this became one of my favourite spots on the island.

holiday 2015 190

holiday 2015 195

This place really was an instagrammer’s heaven!



Other good iconic spots we visited include the Flatiron building and Grand Central Station. The station was bigger than I had imagined and although it was raining at some points, it was still better than the sun shining in most places.

holiday 2015 358

holiday 2015 351

One of the extra treats we added to the holiday was a New York Yankees game. I went to the game with no knowledge of the game and having never watched even 5 minutes of a game even online or on Tv but…. I really enjoyed it! We didn’t have the best seats in the stadium or a clue what was going on for the first part but it really was very good. The music and crowd created a spectacular and exciting atmosphere especially once it began to get dark and get going. We left the game slightly before the end which I would recommend because even when we left, the subway was already full of Yankee’s fans on their way home after enjoying an excellent evening of sport.




On the final night we nervously went to the top of the Rockefeller Center. As I have struggled with a fear of heights for many years now, I was very anxious to see whether I would enjoy the experience or not. We arrived 30mins before sunset and despite my nerves I ended up being blown away by the views! By getting there just before the sunset, it meant we could get incredible views of the city before the sun set, as the sun went down and the city at night. The views of the Empire State Building and Central Park blew me away and I could have stayed up there for hours.

We stayed in the Novotel Times Square (you can actually see the hotel in the first picture!) and I would really recommend this hotel, as it is on Broadway right next to all the action! Despite being the city that never sleeps, we actually managed to get some, as the room was perfectly quiet despite being in a noisy area.

I hope one day you can experience the buzz of New York.



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