Types of athletes

With so many teens these days doing sport either in or out of school, its becoming easier and easier to recognise the stereotypes.

Comment below the one you are and make sure to give this post a sneaky like…(you know you want to!). Also if you know any other stereotypes, why not comment them as well!

The Event racer – This crunch time performer, the athlete at competitions whose performance does not correlate whatsoever with the effort they put in during practice.

The Thrasher – The powerhouse of the team, this person proudly completes any drill/exercise as if it is life or death. While they pump out max effort on everything they do, for the Thrasher this doesn’t always correlate to the results.

The Mind-gamer – This person will rant on constantly about how out of shape they are, how awful they feel or how bad of a day they had… and then proceed to smoke you throughout practise.

The Sprinter – hiding in any place to avoid a hard/ endurance task, this person will also cruz the majority of the practise until near the end they will unleash their unused energy and although everyone knows what they have done, this athlete will stand smugly in the corner thinking they are the fastest/best.

The Editor – The person who will edit any task to their needs although no one knows what these needs are.

The Judge – This athlete, although perhaps not particularly skilled themselves, will continue to tell everyone their weakness and how they can improve by using their limited knowledge.

The Thief – Never has all equipment needed, so has to borrow from everyone else; usually doesn’t return it until asked months later…usually not in the same condition. They simply take what is needed from other athletes, write their names on it, and when confronted, said they got it online.

The Con artist – usually pulling out of the main part of the practice/session, often after someone has beaten them at something. Given reasons generally include injury, illness, or decisive text message. Can usually be found enjoying a nice warm shower or rest, while the rest of the group continue to work hard or suffer!

Gold fish brain! – Forgets the set/task almost immediately and is consistently asking for clarification on specifics. “How many was that?” and “what are we doing?” and “I’m confused” are common remarks.

The Eager beaver – This person takes joy in being the first to be at the practise and has usually started a drill/exercise before the coach has finished explaining. The tendency to max out the warm up is often present with this athlete.

This concludes our selection of stereotypical athletes you may know! Remember to subscribe to be updated about any new posts 🙂 A + K


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