Summer Bucket List

Summer has finally arrived! For us British teens that means its time to put those brollies back in the cupboard and to find that dusty factor 50+ suncream! But what to do with these precious few summer months away from all the homework, deadlines and exam stress? Your summer guide has arrived!

We have compiled a list of our favourite summer activities that are essential for those #summerselfies and bragging rights…

1. Beach trip! No summer is complete without a group gathering down the beach…

2. Movie Night Get your friends together and grab tonnes of snacks and blankets for the best night in.

3. Colour run Look online for your nearest colour run and get all your mates involved for a great way to keep fit and have fun whilst taking loads of selfies and photos to Instagram later 😉

4. Concert/Festival No summer is complete without good care-free music, whether its your favourite band or a local festival.

5. Make something Either bake a cake or our personal favourite..tie-dye some shirts for a retro summer vibe

6. Bike ride Grab a bike/skateboard/scooter or even walk…to find your summer hide-out

7. Go for an adventure Doesn’t matter where…take some friends, hit the road and ADVENTURE!!

8. Water fight Revive your childhood!

9. Watch a sunset Simple..but definately worth it..

10. Take loads of photos Make sure to take many photos to either post on social media or print off and keep forever as memories of your perfect summer.




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